Lee Flynn, March 11, 2020 - 12:47 pm

What to expect if you live next to Narcissistic Neighbors (N.N) that may live on Ridgecreek Dr in Morganton NC, who have the ability to make your life extremely difficult and drain your energy, especially after a natural disaster or a house fire. Your house is destroyed in 2018, your family's life ripped apart. Some neighbors will help, but N.N. have no feelings for you and your family’s loss. No guilt and no remorse. It's time to rebuild your home, you have your permits, time to get started. Keep in mind, your N.N. believe that they deserve whatever you have, like your property and a 30 ft. by 30 ft. building you bought in 2015 from an auction when their friend lost the property in 2014 and they hate you for it. They are wanting to get back to running their illegal and non-zoned painting and furniture finishing business, we’ll say. Well, your nightmare was begun!! They start their attack. Now they must find someone who will agree with them. So, as they plot their evil attack, they come up with Burke Co. Authorities for harassment and intimidation. This is who will be their allies in this noblest of wars against you. It helps having friends and family working for Burke Co., too. First, they will call code enforcement of Burke Co. N.C.. Next, they will watch your every move with game cameras calling code enforcement (C.E.) continuously. You may have a C.E. officer by the name of Kirkley, who they use as their personal attack dog for the smallest of complaints, wasting tax dollars trip after trip, checking in on you. The world of N.N. is very hostile and threatening, and they move against you aggressively like a tornado ripping through a mobile home park. As time goes on, you are forced to put up a high fence to KEEP PRYING EYES AT BAY!! Now, you think you have privacy. No more entertainment for your neighbors, watching you like a good movie for hours! Well, now you need to hang a tall blind until you have the money to finish your fence in fear of being hit by a glass bottle thrown from a N.N. part one

Josh Dillingham, April 3, 2019 - 3:03 pm

This is a test of the emergency prayer system. While this is only a test, please do pray for my country, my community, my church, my family, as well as me.